Sunday, April 8, 2018

Transferring Configuration File on a Cisco WLC

You can upload or download files to and from a Cisco WLC by going to Commands > Download File or Upload File. In this case, I needed to backup the Configuration file from WLC to a remote TFTP server.

To upload the Configuration file to a remote server, choose File Type: Configuration > optionally tick Configuration File Encryption > Transfer Mode: TFTP > type the TFTP server IP Address > type the File Path: ./ > type a File Name (BACKUP-1).

WLC will pop-up a warning. Click OK.

The config file transfer completed just within a few seconds.

Here's a snippet of the WLC configuration file.

# WLC Config Begin <Tue Feb 20 02:57:56 2018>

config wlan apgroup wlan-radio-policy BUSINESS_WIFI 2 none
config wlan apgroup add BUSINESS_WIFI
config wlan apgroup interface-mapping add BUSINESS_WIFI 2 corporate
config wlan apgroup qinq tagging eap-sim-aka BUSINESS_WIFI enable
config wlan dhcp_server 4 


transfer upload path ./
transfer upload serverip
transfer upload datatype config
transfer upload filename BACKUP-1

# WLC Config End <Tue Feb 20 02:58:02 2018>